We offer a variety of services such as recording, producing, reamping, mixing and mastering into a package tailored for each artist.

See our related information below and let us know in what you are interested in.



As recording is one of our provided services, our main studio is equipped and ready for recording guitars, bass, vocals and keys.

Looking for a skilled producer who is able to catch your vision and bring it to life?

We can offer you a full production with aspects such as songwriting, composition supervision, arrangements or arrangement adjustments and inviting the right session musicians. And more important, organizing all the facets of recording, mixing and mastering in order to achieve all of the production goals. Keeping always in mind your budget and the settled timelines.

We do also offer several dedicated drum live rooms as we are collaborating with many studios here in Greece (Check out the Link Section). There we handle the drum recordings exclusively or in cooperation. Depending on your budget  and the sound you are looking for, we can offer you from an SSL and vintage equipped Studio to a more modern and hybrid system based around Neve and API preamps.

Check our projects section and find out all the albums, those drum recordings were handled exclusively by us in various studios.

In addition to that, there are more options you can consider when booking your project with us.

Are you interested in getting your album recorded or produced by George Bokos, but you are not able to travel in Athens?

In that case, George makes it possible for you by traveling to record or produce records elsewhere.

George can travel worldwide to work with your band in a studio near you or at your own rehearsal place when it comes to pre-production and production. Travel expenses, accommodation and food for one person is obviously cheaper than four or five.

Let us know if you want George to also handle the mixing and/or the mastering process. It is required though that this will take place at Grindhouse Studios Athens.

Contact us  so that we can get back to you with a quotation.

Please check out the requirements for when it comes to work with you in another studio by downloading our relevant pdf file here.

“I will always challenge you to the maximum in order to get the be(a)st out of YOU.”


Mixing is the process where your recordings come to life. Sound wise it’s the second most important step of your production after the recording.

We can take your songs to a new level, providing them with the sound they deserve.

We use a hybrid process that combines top notch digital technology and state of the art analog outboard.

Download our pdf guide about the requirements and on how to prepare your tracks for Mixing here


Stereo Mastering

Your music itself and your mix will lead us to the right mastering process.

If you want the best result, great gear is needed to get there. We like to work with high-end, world standard analog and tube based equipment, along with the best mastering plugins in order to provide you with clean pristine sounding masters.

Although tons of articles have been written about the loudness war, we can make your album sound really loud, but we would rather make it sound really good. It also could be that you are satisfied with your mixes and just need that final clarity touch up, level, euphoric enhancement or quality control.

Stem Mastering

We are gladly accepting stems for mastering.

If you feel like your mix lacks width, depth, warmth, punch, glue, dynamics  then this service might be the right choice for you.

Instead of a stereo mix of your tracks, stem mastering uses a number of grouped instruments.

This approach provides additional flexibility and individual tonal control over these groups and we are able to achieve a greater enhancement based on the summing of these stems.

When booking a mastering session, a free feedback for your mix is also provided, upon your request.

Vynil Mastering

Yes, we do vinyl mastering.

We offer non-clipped and non-limited versions of our masters specifically for vinyl replication. The vinyl format has its limitations and in order to meet these limitations we pay extra attention to the stereo image and frequency response .

*Please keep in mind that we do not cut lacquers. This service is provided only by a vinyl cutting mastering studio.

Download our pdf guide about the requirements and on how to prepare your tracks for Stereo Mastering here.

Download our pdf guide about the requirements and on how to prepare your tracks for Stem Mastering here.



The reamping service takes a clean DI track and forges it into a complete guitar (or bass) sound. Send us your DI tracks and we will take care of and reamp them for you. You will then receive the finished tracks, ready to be dropped into your mix for a professional high end guitar sound.

We offer unique sounding amps like the KSR Artemis Head, The Randall EOD 88, the RM1250 modular amp and much more.

A lot of other amplifiers and cabinets are available upon request. Let us know what are you looking for and we will provide it for your reamping session.

Thinking out of the box, we often use reamping during a mixing session for non bass / guitar purposes.

For example we have had great and unique sounding results by running a vocal through the Mesa Triaxis or even a snare though our EOD 88 for a some fuzzy and fat tones.

The sky is the limit. Take a look in our gear list  and don’t hesitate to contact and challenge us with your ideas.

Download our pdf guide about the requirements and on how to prepare your tracks for Reamping here


Please keep in mind that for reamping, mixing and mastering services we provide a preview of one song. That way, you will be able to check out our approach so that we can move on easily to cooperation and come out with a result, which is the right one for your music.

A small fee is required depending on the service. If you book your session for the rest of the songs, that fee will be refunded from the total.