our rates

*Booking requires a non-refundable deposit of 50% in order to confirm dates. All prices excluding VAT.

When booking, please get in touch with us at least one month before the time you are planning to record, mix or master your material.



Recording Rates

-180 Euro per day

A “working day” is typically 8-9 hours maximum.

Projects where George Bokos will be also producing besides engineering can be negotiated while booking.

Mixing Rates

Prices for mixing are calculated individually.

Every project is unique and requires a different approach. Therefore, it is difficult to calculate prices without any specific information.

After we have discussed the vision you have about your project and reviewed the material we will be able to give you a specific quote. We have scalable rates depending on the scope and complexity of the project.

To give you an idea though, a general fee for mixing can be from about 200 to 250 Euro per song.

When it comes to a full length album a discount can be up to 20% off.

Special tasks such as editing, instrumentals/playbacks, additional mixes, vocal tuning and printing stems are not included in a mixing session.  These tasks require a special agreement at an extra cost, depending on which of these services you are interested in.

Please download our related pdf guide.

Mastering Rates

We have fixed prices on mastering, found below.

Stereo Mastering rates:

-per track: 50 Euro

-for EP (4 songs) : 180 Euro

-for full length album (10 songs) : 420 Euro

Stem mastering rates:

-per track : 90 Euro

-for EP (4 songs) : 320

-for full length album (10 songs) : 750 Euro

Mixes for stem mastering should be delivered to us in sub-groups. A DDP for your pressing can be made and delivered to you for an extra cost of 20 Euro per album no matter the length.

Please download our pdf guide on how to prepare your tracks for Stereo Mastering and Stem Mastering.

When booking a mastering session, a free feedback for your mix is also provided, upon your request.


Reamping Rates

Prices for reamping fluctuate depending on number of rhythm guitar takes, their variety, lead and clean parts. Check out the rates for the most requested reamping services below :

For two takes of rhythm guitar tracks

-EP (4 songs) : 200 Euro

-Full length album (10 songs) : 350 Euro

For four takes of rhythm guitar tracks

-EP (4 songs) : 250 Euro

-Full length album (10 songs) : 450 Euro

For bass

-EP (4 songs) : 100  Euro

-Full length album (10 songs) : 180 Euro

Please keep in mind when booking for both guitar and bass the reamping price for bass is been reduce to

-EP (4 songs) : 50  Euro

-Full length album (10 songs) : 100 Euro

Please download our related pdf guide and contact us for any additional information.


Please keep in mind that this method will only be accepted depending exclusively on our needs.

With that been mentioned, instead of the classic payment method via bank transfer, paypal etc. we do accept your professional services instead. Take a look on what we are interested in:

-Guitar pedals

-Guitar amps

-Custom Guitars and Basses

-Outboard recording gear

-Video shooting and editing

Feel free to make your offer though and we will get back to you.

Trade value will be calculated depending on the value of what you are offering and which of our services you are interested in.