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Grindhouse Studios Athens is a recording and production facility in the center of Athens owned by distinguished engineer & producer George Bokos.

Grindhouse Studios offer production, mixing, mastering services and have focused itself towards the rock/metal genre. We welcome bands and artists from all over Europe and abroad.

Our client list includes artists like Melechesh, George Kollias, Nightstalker, Rotting Christ, Wolfheart and many more independent ones like Heritage, 3Fold Pain and Stone Cold Dead.

The roots of Grindhouse Studios can be traced back to 2002, when former Rotting Christ guitarist George Bokos started his first project studio which he established in 2005. In 2008 Producer and Engineer Vasilis Gouvatsos joined the Grindhouse team and co-operated the studio with founder George Bokos until 2016. During that time, Vasilis put his stamp on many significant records that came out of our studios, including a best-mix award in 2015 for his work on the Stone Cold Dead “Lava Flows” album.

2016 is the most notable year in our history, as Grindhouse Studios moves to a brand-new control room in the heart of Athens, boasting top of the range boutique gear, and offering more options to you than ever before. Besides that, our second studio is under construction.

“It’s always been important to us how environment in studio affects your creativity and music you work on.”

Our workflow combines the state of the art Pro Tools HDX system with piles of luscious analog hardware like Shadow Hills Industries, Knif Audio, Thermionic Culture, Empirical Labs, Kush Audio and monitoring by Barefoot Sound.

In addition to recording and production space, we have an extensive collection of unique instruments (see our full list here) which in combination with our amps & cabs collection, will allow you to get any guitar sound you might be looking for.

Grindhouse is an artistic, but most of all, creative place. Working in our control room with top quality gear and being surrounded by unique instruments which you can simply grab and play, provides an environment that drives you to create music.

We welcome you in Grindhouse Studios Athens.

Your house for recording, mixing and mastering.

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George Bokos Founder, Owner, Head Engineer


George Bokos is a Greek guitar player, composer, producer and engineer with more than 15 years of experience in the Metal/Rock scene. He is also a founder and vocalist in the metal act Stone Cold Dead.

As a guitar player he was introduced to a greater audience in 2001 with his work with Nightfall releasing two studio albums with them.

In 2005 he moves to legendary Greek band Rotting Christ, with whom George became an active touring musician and performed in more than 500 shows around the globe, till 2012. Before the Rotting Christ era, George was also a member of Obsecration (2000-2005) and Sickening Horror (2001-2003).

As a producer and engineer, George has worked over the last years with artists and bands such as Melechesh, George Kollias, Unearthly, Wolfheart, and many more, in terms of engineering, production, pre-production, arrangements, mixing and mastering.

George sees his role as the conduit between the studio and the audience. Much like a director of a film, his aim is to create a recording that presents the character and individuality of each artist. His main focus is capturing outstanding performances through his engineering expertise.

George treats each recording, mixing and mastering individually, listening to the sound and the band’s material over and over before he puts his fingers on  knobs and faders.

He always thinks, that the next project, is going to be his best ever…

Vlassis Ziouvas Assistant Engineer, Studio Technician

Guitar player, singer-songwriter, engineer and synth enthusiast. Vlassis has involved himself in several bands over the years with Mencea, Rejection, Dying Race and Explicit Inconsistency being the most prominent.

His goal as a recording engineer is aligned with George’s in performance and capturing it as best possible. He will mainly focus on vocals, guitars and bass. Vlassis will research and investigate almost every aspect of studio use, save altering hardware. Be free to hit him up with questions or ideas. Thus far he has worked in almost all of our projects preparation and setup.